Character Development and Tricks for Authors

How do you use the characters in your book stories? Any story you write must have interesting characters that serve a unique purpose. Sometimes authors pick characters out of their minds which is pure fantasy. Other moments, those characters might be from real life people they use in the story.

Many factors are involved in those characters. How old they might be for an example. Male or female. Their weight, height or build might play an important part in the way the story is told. What will be the role they play, a lover, a detective, a cheating husband, or any other role ideas that might come to mind.

Another great idea is choosing the names of those characters very carefully. the last thing you want to do is have two characters with the same names and mix them up in some way during the writing of the story.

Suspense and the mysterious make great stories as well as high sales to readers. Also keeping the reader guessing as to who done it or in other words, who done the dirty deed keeps their interest growing up to the ending of the story.

Your characters should remain human. Unless they have super human strength or unknown mental powers, keep them real. another point to consider is what you write. Using repeated words over become a nuisance to the reader. always check your work as you move along writing the story. It saves you a little work when the editing process begins.

If you must use many characters in a story, be sure you have each and everyone fulfilling their roles completely until the end. Pick out a best-selling book and you will see what I mean.

No matter how great a book is once it is published, usually something can be made better in a revised edition in the future. Never forget those past stories you may have written. You never know what you might have missed that you can rework in a future edition.

Another trick that helps is to read what others write often. it keeps those creative juices flowing inside your mind. Sometimes watching a movie can trigger you to head over to the desk and write on that next story.

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