What is in your Book Covers?

Finding that Ebook Gold
Power Words and Key Words to Profit

You can spend countless hours designing your own covers from scratch or you buy spend that money buying custom designed covers. However, do you take the time to really discover what your goal is when you place a cover on your book?

How many times have you searched Amazon to see thousands of books with covers that don’t relate to the stories inside them? Authors compete against each other to maximize sales, but sometimes they fail in producing the right cover to get their message across to readers. Great book covers should blend into the story that is inside the book. A good title is essential in selling a book. Titles with three or less words are easy to remember and make more sales than longer titles.

A book cover that tells the story inside the book from just the cover will sell more books. Your book cover should be perfect in color, graphics, fonts, title, sub-title, and brief description to maximize it’s selling power. You have heard it before, ” think outside the box.” Why not throw the box away?

Always take your time to get the perfect cover for those stories that you write for others to read. You should spend many hours researching into that perfect image or graphic design to be on the front of your book. Experiment with colors and various fonts. Adjust the size of the fonts to get the best look. Make sure you place your Title, Author name and a brief description in the correct positions on your cover so they don’t distract from the image on the cover.

Overall, make sure that the cover you place on your book is the cover you won’t have to go back to change in the future because it turns readers off. Fiction books are much harder to design covers for than non-fiction. Readers searching for a non-fiction book are after the information, whereas those searching for a fiction book generally want to see a beautifully designed cover before they will look inside.

You want those eyes on your book? Spend more time on those covers to maximize the selling power of what is in your book covers. That great story, perfect title and perfect cover are the three key elements in all book covers so make yours the best it an possibly be.


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