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Managing Time Wisely From Any Location


For those of us that are lucky enough to work from home each day, the management of our time is crucial in order to keep the income flowing. One of the great things you take away from the freedom of being in your own business is that freedom.

One of the definitions of freedom is being able to do what you wish, but that isn’t always the case when you operate a business on the home front. Major distractions come along to ruin tasks through the week that had to be completed. Maybe a disruption of some kind happened during one day with a freak thunderstorm knocking out power service in your area causing havoc on projects planned for that day. You know the drill. That work has to be made up, adding to your workload.

Making a Project List The Night Before

No matter who we are, a good idea to keep in mind is going over what must be done the next business day and developing a list. This is important because it prevents us from having so much on our minds to try to remember.

Instead of waking on the next day thinking back on what has to get done, we can jump on the list with the morning coffee. Work seems to be easier to do with a pre-made list from the night before. Instead of forgetting to complete a task, we know everything on the list will be done as we check off on each assignment.

Remember this, operating a business huge or small has to have time management. They will be times when social media is a no-no. They will be other times when multitasking has to be done. In fact, they are times when we all want to take a much-needed break but the workload just won’t allow it.

Abilities To work from Anywhere

With today’s technologies, we CAN work from just about any location that we please. The great thing about this is that we are no longer limited to a business location, home or office.

You can work from a chair on the beach with a portable fully charged laptop and that handy cell phone while sipping a drink. A hotel room taking a mini-vacation doesn’t necessarily mean that work is off limits. If your business requires you to work while away, then so be it.

Many take frequent trips to get away from it all but in reality; their business goes right along with them. They wake in the mornings and go back to work if something has to be completed by a scheduled time. No matter where you are, business can be performed in some nature.

How I Manage Time

Have you ever heard the phrase, “There is just not enough time in the day to do all that I have to do?” I have heard it out of many others. They make excuses for why they can’t accomplish things because they have no idea how to manage time.

My workweek generally starts on Sunday night when I make that next day’s list to be completed. Typically, my day starts around 8:30 in the mornings averaging into late at night. During the day, I might have to do the “honey list” also in-between work but that is part of family, and it is a necessary part of it. Before the day ends, that list has been completed, hers and mine.

Before leaving my desk, a list is drawn up for the following day on what has to be completed, and it is the same routine the next day. I usually work six days a week, but sometimes I have a chance to take a weekday off to be with the family.

Many times, I’m not at home when at work. I may be off on a leisure trip or getaway to relax in another location, but all the work with business still gets accomplished. You can make time either work in your advantage or let time be your worse enemy.

In conclusion, I want you to ask yourself one question if you operate a business for yourself. “How do I manage my time?” You might find that time is being wasted in a technological age where it shouldn’t happen.

Mr. Groundhog wasn’t kidding!

Beautiful Scene

Here we go once again with another possible “major winter storm” in the southeast. I think is was a week or so ago that our friends to the south of us in Atlanta were crippled by less than three inches of the white stuff? Someone dropped the ball on that one or at least it seems that way.

I changed directions this weekend because this winter weather moving into the southern states from this storm has the possibility of bringing much, much more snow with ice. This could be one of the worst storms to hit the southern region of the United States in a very long time. This is why it is important that people get ready by preparing now for possible power outages and other problems caused by this powerful storm.

According to weather forecast at present, this might be a combo storm which actually could be two individual storms back to back. The first storm would sweep across the southern states dropping rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow depending on where the low tracks. After the storm exits, the possibility exists for another new low to form off the Carolina coast pulling back into the eastern southern states with even more winter weather on top of what falls from the first storm.

We were watching the grounghogs forecast the weather predicitons for six more weeks of winter during the first part of February. Those furry friends have once again nailed the predictions they have a knack at predicting so well. Depending on how much and how quickly the temperatures drop will play an important role in this storm or storms that are predicted.

On the serious side, the calm before those possible winter storms is right now before us. This is the time for everyone who might be in the storms path to prepare. When winter storms hit the southeast, many of them don’t wreak havoc because either the cold air isn’t in place or the moisture content just hasn’t arrived when the cold is there.

I’m takng this weeks winter storms potential seriously and getting ready for what could possibly be a record breaking event unfolding. We shall soon know how it all plays out but over the years, the southern states have been extremely blessed by winter storms not living up to their forecasts. It is one thing to have snow but to have possible icy conditions on top of it is extremely dangerous and these storms could have deadly impacts on many other people.

The image above was from January 10, 2011. A beautiful wet snow fell during that day but the storm crippled the southeast yet again for days. The difference with that storm and the possible storms this week is the added mix of ice in the combination of freezing rain and sleet.

Don’t take these storms as another cry wolf call this week everyone. This could be a weather related history making event for the southeast this week so get prepared now during the calm before the storm. It is always better to be ready than sorry later!

The Desires to Succeed in Business

If you fail to see yourself making a great deal of money from whatever you dream of doing, then you never will see it in your bank accounts. Opportunities are all around you but do you even recognized them?

There are new inventions to be discovered, new books to be written, and new ways to harness energy, new technologies to be developed and new millionaires to be made in the future.

Where do you plan to be or picture yourself in the things mentioned above? I can see some of those reading this book right now taking hold on one of those things above.

Our world as of today is an unlimited goldmine of opportunities for those that can conquer them. What you have to do is take it by its reins and move forward. Just imagine yourself being successful. Picture inside your mind just what you want to become. Can you see yourself down the road living a nice lifestyle or do you want to stay on that road of failure?

You need to set goals for yourself in life. What can you think of today that will propel you forward tomorrow to a better, more prosperous life? Persevere and never step away from those goals you have set for yourself. Let nobody persuade you that you can’t be a success.

Maintain that positive attitude to succeed. Avoid those people who might give you a negative influence upon our life. Don’t listen to those that claim you can’t do it. Too many people on the verge of greatness have listened to negativity and ultimately it has lead to their demise.

Have faith in yourself that you can succeed in whatever your goals are in life. In the greatest book of all time, the Bible, Jesus mentioned to his disciples when the huge storm came upon them at Sea, that they had little faith. He told them they could do the same things he could if they only believed in themselves.

Be confident in everything you try to do. Confidence instilled in oneself will carry you through the storm. Even though the disciples lacked confidence in themselves, they knew Jesus had the power to calm the storm.

Your mind influences everything that you do in your life. It even controls your emotions as well. When you think about a negative action of something that you might do, then usually that thought process would give you what you thought you would acquire.

Learn to exercise your mind. Control the thoughts and negative influences that might give you disastrous results from just the process of thinking negatively about something. This is another reason to always keep a positive outlook and flow of thinking in your mind.

Take the knowledge and skills that you learned in the past to be a success in business. What you know how to do, many others only wish they could do! No two people are alike in the skills and knowledge that they have acquired in their lives. What can you do with yours?

In the business world, the successful are usually great leaders. Followers generally work for leaders. The Manager or CEO of a company is most likely a great leader who the followers admire and respect since he is the man in charge. To operate a successful business, you have to be able to lead as well. Do you know of any businesses that come to mind where the owner isn’t a great leader?

Your education, skills and knowledge play an important role in your ability to lead as well as being successful in any business that you might try to operate.

The decisions and actions you make also are an important part in how successful you can be in your own business. Bad business decisions can be costly as well. You should never make any decision without first knowing the consequences that might occur from it.

Sure, sometimes things happen that go the wrong way but when it is a process that happens many times over, that’s when you need to stop and think it through before you act upon it.

Your desire to succeed and your will not to accept failure are two key ingredients as to whether you can be successful in business. Some of this can directly point back to having a positive attitude toward your goals.

The power of the tongue or words other’s say and negative actions towards what you want to do must be avoided. That’s a powerful sentence! You control your own destiny so make sure that those around you know your actions and goals are serious. Let those that say, “you won’t” and “you can’t” know that “you can!”

The Lost and Forgotten

I met an old former boss of mine over the weekend. Well, it was Saturday Afternoon that I ran into him and his wife. It has been many years now since I last saw him, and I was shocked at what I saw.

My former boss is just a shell of himself now. He used to be around 6’4’’ in height and weighed in around 230 pounds. Well large enough to be a running back on a pro-football team considering the size and weight he carried.

He was many years older than me when I worked under him in the networking field. I think he is about 64 now, but I’m only 52. It’s been about ten years now since those days and the last time I spoke with him was when he left for a better position with another company.

Seeing him for the first time in all those years that passed was an unbelievable sight for me. My former boss is in the sunset of his life as I write this. He was thin and frail when I met him again. One look in his eyes told me the story of it all.

They were red and his eyes were weary, as though they could say these words, “ I’m wore out, tired, and I want to go home.”

Some of you have probably seen that look in the older generation at the nursing homes or the hospitals, which I’m sure you’ve visited with your family members in them.

I talked to them for a few minutes and finally got them to agree to go get a meal at a restaurant. I told them it would be my treat because I wanted to talk and spend some time with them.

I found out that he had a bout with cancer, but it had gone away through treatment only to return once more upon him. I never realized just how devastating that it could be until this Saturday when I met my old boss once again.

He was a fragile image of someone few would bother to mess with in those days past. He told me these words, “There are a lot of things that I wished I could go back to change, but at the time I was too busy worried about making money! Now, I’m not able to do what I should have done, and I think about it more with each passing day.”

When he told me those words, I could only ponder what his meaning was but after some thought, I knew exactly what he was referring to. Too many people today are concerned with what they have and what more they can get!

He was telling me not to let greed take over the rest of my life and to get out there to help others. Are you helping others around you? Are you one of those that think only about what you can get tomorrow or the next day?

I had a wake-up call Saturday. What will it take to wake you up? A devastating disease that takes your life away and drains the fortune you built to stash aside or will it be something else?

I thought about those poor folks out in Oklahoma the past two weeks going through the tornados. Some of them left homeless, and some were lost forever in mere seconds. You never know during these times what will happen and when it might be your time. We all fail to realize how fragile life really is and how each of us needs to change.

If each and everyone of us just spent an hour or two out of each day to do good for someone else, can you imagine how much better things would be in this world? Think about what I wrote in this article, the next time you go to bed to sleep. Did you do anything good during your day to help another?

Just remember, You are only one heartbeat away from your own destiny!