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Total Package for Ebook Success

This is the “All in One” Book that you’re looking for at a great price! This guide contains everything you need to do those free promotions. It has all the top websites, and Facebook links to add your free eBook promotion during the free days. It has a listing of all the hash-tags to tweet during your promotion.
It contains valuable tips on formatting your eBook and includes Powerful Keywords, Power-words, Keyword phrase combinations to add to your sales page and other information on your eBooks.
The final section of this valuable resource gives you important information on things you need to be doing to propel you forward in front of those eyes all over the World that want to read your work, but don’t know you even exist.If you think you discovered everything about promotion, you just might want to give it another thought.
Its all here in an easy to read, and easy to understand eBook Manual designed for you to make money from publishing those books! Its money well spent!

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Finding that Ebook Gold

You will find two secrets that will propel you forward quickly in front of readers everywhere inside. Do you know who you’re targeting with your eBook?
Learn this valuable information and save yourself some leg-work to find more time to write and less time worrying with promoting.
Inside tips on formatting details to make your book its very best. Short, sweet and to the point!


Finding that Ebook Gold

Selling Ebooks for Profit

This little power packed informational book will give you the jump on that next ebook promotion. With this little book, you will have most of what you need at your fingertips without having to spend valuable time searching for it throughout the Internet on your computer.
Valuable websites listed for your next eBook(s) promotion.
Facebook pages to drop a link on about your eBook(s) promotion.
Valuable hash-tags you can use to do a tweet party on your promotion days.
Its all listed here in this little book to help you succeed when the moment counts.
Tips on what to write about and power words to use in your eBooks.
Quick tips on formatting and a link to help if you need it.
A valuable time saver for everyone who wants a less stressful eBook promotion and cover most of the most important bases to get the
sales. A handy guide for quick to find information when you need it fast! http://www.amazon.com/Selling-Ebooks-for-Success-ebook/dp/B00CK5MQFA

Selling Ebooks for Profit

Power Words and Key Words to Profit

When you’re selling anything on the Web, you want to be sure that the proper Power Words and Key Words are being used in your promotional technique. The key to sales is through attracting potential customers to your sales campaign or product, be it an e-book, new website, services or any other products.
Proper Power Word Phrasing and Key Word Tagging is huge in getting those sales. In this little booklet, you will learn what to do to make the most out of getting sales!

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