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Show me the Money!

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Sure enough, we all will need more of it in 2014. The question is “Will you work for it?” I have numerous sites that pay you to write articles and those clients on those sites will pay you very well for the time and work required. Sometimes making money from books alone is not enough to keep our heads above water so we all have to find other solutions to maximize additional income opportunities.

I have a book on Amazon called “Article Writer Success.” In that book, you will find websites and blogs that pay you to write for them. That pay you can make is really good money if you will devote the time to earn it. After all, you are going to have to work somewhere unless you are rich or inherited a fortune from your family.

Are you serious about making money? Would you like to pursue a career in freelancing opportunities? Are you one of those people who grow tired of commuting to a job that you hate?

There is money to be made and things that you can conquer online in the web universe if you will seriously devote your time to attaining those life long goals you dream about. People can show you the opportunities but it is up to you alone as to whether you really want the kind of life that you might be constantly dreaming about.

As of this post, I’m currently working on a second book called “Article Writer Success, Volume 2.” In that book, more websites and blogs will be listed that pay you good money for writing for them. Most of the requirements of these companies are for you to provide identification and payment options on their application process.

I do a ton of freelance work as well as write books to publish on Amazon. In fact, I do very well with my career. You can say that I’m one of those people who took the initiative to make a living branching out on my own! The biggest thing about what I do today is that if you seriously take those same steps, you can achieve the same goals and make a good living also.

If you are a decent writer and seriously devote the time needed to freelancing, you can make money online. All of the websites on the web need information to fill their pages on websites and blogs. If you will perform the required tasks that the ones seeking writers ask for, you can make some great money for the work involved.

Here is the link to the first book, called “Article Writer Success.” http://www.amazon.com/Article-Writer-Success-Book-Master-ebook/dp/B00CRTEPIU —- Article Writer Success

Also, I included here some additional sites that you can check out that might be of interest to you below. I hope that some of you out there find an interest in freelancing from this article I posted on the site here. This is a 500 word plus article so you see how easy that it really can be?





That is only just a few above but to give you that general idea just what I’m explaining to you. 2014 has just begun so take advantage of opportunities that present themselves to you during this New Year. Good Luck out there on the journey!


Writing with Style

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Does it take a thousand words to get your message across? Whether you’re writing a new book or a simple article for submission to a website, here are a few tips that you should follow to get the most out of your work.

“Know what it is you want to say.” In order to write quality content, it helps greatly to have experience with the subject matter in that book or article. The more knowledge that the writer has on the subject makes it easier to tell the story. If that writer enjoys what they write about it only makes that story more interesting.

“Keeping it simple.” Readers know more about Writers that they follow than those Writers know about themselves. A Writer can’t fool their Readers by using word hypnosis on them. In other words, never change your writing style by using words that those readers are unaccustomed to reading in books or articles you are the Author of.

“Perfection from experience.” The more a Writer spends working in their craft, the better that they will become. If you don’t believe that is truth, take the time to explore that first manuscript or article you wrote.

“Pour your heart and soul into words written.” I read many books, articles and posts during the weeks out of the months. Sometimes, I’ll find something out there that is so well written that you just know that writer has written a perfect masterpiece. It will help make sales happen also.

Have you seen reviews on books where the reviewer claims they couldn’t put the book down? Those book stories were well written with an extreme seriousness to detail because that Author enjoyed writing the story just as much as those Readers enjoyed reading it. That is pouring your heart and soul into the story.

“Never force yourself to write.” Writing is all about something that you love and want to do. Look back over several months and you will remember certain times that you were writing that every sentence would flow like magic. That is called “The Zone.” During those periods, one can write hours upon hours in one sitting.

Sometimes, Writers will take breaks from writing because of “Writer’s Block.” Many try to train themselves into a daily habit of writing so many words per day. Writing is all about something you love and want to do. Never force yourself into a routine that will become stale. Write when you really want to and not because it is about making money. Never make writing, something you should love to do turn into something to worry about in regards to making money through the rush to produce books.

“Research! Research!” Oh yes, know everything about whatever it is in that story you’re writing about. For example, if you are explaining a scene in the 16th century of England about the clothing of that era in a book story, you best do that nifty little research so you’re accurate within those details in the book. Otherwise, you can bet a silver dollar that one of those readers of that story will inform you in a book review of mistakes made.

“The fear of what others might think or say about my writing.” Yes, it happens every single day on one website or another. You will find a new Writer or Author with this profound fear of publishing a new book or the same towards an article they posted somewhere online.

You need to put that fear behind you. Go read some of the comments posted on some of the most popular websites on highly targeted articles and you will see some of most ghastly use of words going today. As FDR once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

I hope you enjoyed this little article and the tips offered from it help you in strengthening your desires to become a better writer. It is an extremely interesting subject and I may post more on it in the future.


So, you wish to pursue an Indie Author Self-Publishing Career? (Part 2)

By far one of the toughest challenges anyone will ever take on in life as a career is the self-publishing lifestyle. If you’re one of those recently starting out on the journey then you have already experienced just how hard it can be to write and market those books at the same time.

In the first part of this series, we explored just a small taste of what it is like to pursue this type of career. In this second installment, I’ll give you some inside information to shorten those headaches you probably develop from banging your head against the wall trying to find what works the easiest.

Well my friends, there are few easy solutions to what will work for you to sell thousands of books month after month. Your greatest ally is time. Yes time, because you have more of it than any other resource. What do you do with it? Do you waste yours? Do you invest it in learning? Do you just use all your time writing? Those are great questions to answer for yourself and surely, you can think of some more to ask yourself.

If you are a beginning Author with only a couple of books under your belt, the top advice that can be given is to continue to write more. If you’re writing a second or third book already, you need to be promoting the first one(s). On my site, you can find many ways to promote and market those books. That material comes out of my books published on Amazon. Sure, you can call that a way of marketing. I offer you free advice from material out of my books. By the way, I have another new book coming out soon, “SEO, What’s my Rank?”

If you are looking for ways to market books after you published them, then follow some of the steps listed here. Get you an author website going right away. Add a sign-up form on your landing page to gain an e-mail list of followers so you can reach out to them easier with a newsletter or a new book release. You might not convince everyone to sign but gradually the list will grow.

Many refuse to put all their apples into one cart, with that being going solo with Amazon. I don’t care what anyone else might think. A new Author needs to learn and grow! That being spoken, Amazon has the best platform with the tools and goodies to help. There is too much to overwhelm a new Author trying to self publish on other platforms so that is why I personally recommend Amazon alone.

Over time, you can always move books to other self-publishing outlets or publish new ones over the various others. I guarantee you that the bulk of your sales will come from Amazon. Another thing that will help you is to keep track of everything that you do with each book.

Make you a chart sheet to record the Title, blurb information, publish date, etc. Include on this chart, all the sites that your book is listed online. You see, if you have a handy little chart like this on each book, it makes it much easier to reference all the information on that book in nanoseconds. This is great for when you need it in a spur of the moment to post the information on a site for a free book promo or to publish through a paid ad. It keeps you from having to open several sites at once trying to gather the information.

Seek out all the places or sites that readers are going to in search of what your book is about. That means you are looking for that reader audience where they congregate. If your book is a fiction novel, you want to scour the universal web for those readers in hopes of grabbing attention on your book. If it is a non-fiction book about cooking with recipes, you will be looking for those readers at websites about food preparation, cooking cuisine, etc. On the Internet, the sky is the limit because the web is never-ending.

You might find many opportunities to guest blog a post on a site once you randomly begin to seek out those marketing venues for your books. Most everyone that has a decent size following on their sites offer guest blogging to Authors in the hope that it helps bring more visitors to their websites.

Try to spend at least one hour each day marketing your books in some shape, way or form. You might spend it one day commenting on a few sites. The next day you could spend it on social media. The following day you could spend it on Author or book forums commenting on posts. These little things help establish you as an Author. Bookbuzzr is a great place to use to gain additional exposure for your books. Nifty tools there to help you get sales on your books. For a small monthly fee of a few bucks, you have an arsenal at your fingertips to help you in your marketing tactics.

It has already been mentioned in past post on my site about offering a new book free and the sites are there written on a post if you will do your research. Doing a little preplanning before a free promotion can net you a lot of free downloads of your book. Many sites request advanced noticed before posting your free promo. The negative side of the free promotion is the possibility of getting one star reviews but if you are so fearful of reviews, why bother to publish? At one time, the free promotion could net an Author with many sales. That isn’t the case now but still many new Authors are finding decent sales after a free promo run on a new book.

Using all social media outlets will help you market your name, brand and those books that you write. Use them all, from twitter to Tumblr, from linkedin to pin-it, from your website to other websites. There are so many opportunities out there now to use media to get the word out about you and your books and by not taking advantage of it all is just like throwing it away.

A remarkable opportunity is a book series. It is the hot item going today to make an unknown into a well known. The secret? Making the first book in the series perma-free. I don’t know how long this marketing strategy will continue to succeed as many more Authors are finding it the key that unlocks the door to their success.

Alright, We covered a lot here. So, what is Social media? Goodreads, Twitter, facebook, google+, yahoo, linkedin, tumblr, etc. Next we have Content media, which is? They are Press releases, articles, guest posts, book bloggers, etc.

Those two, Social and Content go directly hand in hand with your website. That website is your Author Platform base. You are gaining an email list of followers to your site as an addition through hits. Your website is the foundation or house that supports everything else that you do. Now then, we are finally getting somewhere on what it takes to sell books.

I’ll continue this series later so look forward to it. All of my books are listed on Amazon and my site. You have to market every way possible. Have a nice weekend!


Satisfied Customers

Money! Money! Money!
Money! Money! Money!

Nothing is quite as sweet in the Indie Publishing World than having happy readers. The great thing about them is if you please them once, they’re more inclined to buy another book from you in the future!
That’s the great thing about your customers. They show their love and loyalty to you when you please them. They also have this delightful manner of obtaining referral customers for you by emails and word of mouth.
To earn this repeat business from past readers, offer them more quality and value in any future books you write to publish. Earn that extra word of mouth and Internet referral business by doing the things that you have learned in the past.

If you know who some of your readers are, email them, phone them in person or just target an article on your website to them and ask them to tell their friends about you and your books. This is a great referral opportunity for you as a publisher to reach out to those readers that love what you do and ask them for a little tenderness.

Always treat your loyal readers with love, loyalty, devotion, consideration and professionalism. That will always keep them happy and satisfied. The more satisfied your reader’s stay, the more satisfied readers you’ll gain in the future.

Satisfied readers not only buy your books but they are one of your greatest allies in selling more books!
That is a powerful sentence written above! It deserves to be repeated again!
“Satisfied readers not only buy your books but they are one of your greatest allies in selling more books!” It runs a complete circle around their friends and right back to you in more books sales! Now how nifty is that?

You see the image above? Yes, my image with my money but used here for the pupose to drill into you a business sense to make sure you’re doing everything that you can to make those customers happy. Those customers being the ones that buy a product, service or book from you!

In the business environment, the only way to make it work is by top quality customer service. That goes into any type of business enviroment. Oh, but I’m only an author writing books someone might say. Think again! If you write to publish books online to sell, then you are a business. You’re also the manager and ceo of said business.

Not everyone knows who their readers or customers are that buy books from them. Yes you do! They leave reviews about your books, you may be talking to customers who buy your books on book forums. People that like you on FB or follow you on twitter might be some of your customers. They might be on a email sign-up form from your website.

Always find time to thank your customers for purchasing from you. In closing this article, here is a great way to thank them without lifting a finger. At the end of a book, Always leave a sentence or two explaining to them how grateful you are to them for purchasing one of your books.

You never know, they just might buy another one from you! Have a nice week.


Another New Book Coming

Writing books, and marketing can take up huge amounts of time. Most that take on the challenge of Indie Self-Publishing never realize what is involved in the process. I was talking to someone the other day. They agreed that it can be one of the toughest jobs on the planet. They also told me that once you become established by building your brand that the opportunities are endless. I tend to agree with them on that.

Last year, I published nine books under my name. I have another one to publish shortly. Here is the cover and title for my latest book on Search Engine Optimization.


Here are the covers for the others below.






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There is one thing that you have to have in this business, and that is plenty of drive to continue the process. Some of you have heard it before, “Rinse and Repeat.” My goal for this year is to publish at least 20 books which would double my output in 2013. My time was limited during the past year due to a variety of issues. This year, nothing stands in the way of completing that goal.

Many feel overwhelmed once they get into Self-Publishing, but if they take the time to learn as they continue to write the process becomes easier. The great thing about it is that once you have a back-list to continue to build on, it makes you more reputable to others.

As this New Year continues to unfold, More books will be added to my back-list. Maybe by the time July rolls around, I can take a needed two week break from it all to rest on vacation. That remains to be seen as I’m always focused on the goals that I set for myself. To be able to be given this opportunity to self publish by a great company like Amazon is a dream that I cherish each day.

The purpose in this thread post is to give hope to others that might not feel as though they are doing well in this business. I’m here to tell you that it takes time and commitment in order to succeed. Keep pushing forward while learning all that you can about Self-Publishing. You just might find that that ship you’re sailing on isn’t going to sink with you on-board after all.

I’m always easy to reach if anyone wishes to get in contact with me. You can drop an email to me at bookmaster007@hotmail.com and I’ll be glad to answer. Any of my Titles you might be interested in can be found at http://www.amazon.com/Book-Master/e/B00CKAJ36A/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

Have a great weekend!


How Thou can Count up those Sales?

Recently, I was doing some research for another possible new book in the future. Many Indie Authors are figuring out their own way and producing quite remarkable results indeed.

One Author does their marketing in this manner;
Uses 3 pen names.
Publish across all retailers.
Writes in BBW werewolf romance and psuedo-incest.
Writes new stories each month and uploads them to the platforms.
Writes in series, probably making the first one perma-free.
Prices those books according to length, from .99 – 9.99, books are in 3,000 to 150,00 word count.
Uses paid advertising.

You notice a system in the above? Sure you can see it. Multiple Author Pen Names with many Titles listed under each one makes more sales. Of course, the paid ads put those books in front of readers. The Author uses the book series formula, making the first book free to hook the readers into buying the rest of the series.

Another Author found his way with this;
Writes what they love to write about.
An Active Facebook Page, website and a mailing list.
Uses newsletters to find new readers such as BookBub, BookBlast, etc.
Writes in Series because that is where the most sales originate.
Released a new novel every two months to keep that boost going.
Priced books 2.99-3.99 range.

Here, I laid out examples of two successful Authors basically using the same formula. No need in making this post any longer. By the way, did you learn anything?


Character Development and Tricks for Authors

How do you use the characters in your book stories? Any story you write must have interesting characters that serve a unique purpose. Sometimes authors pick characters out of their minds which is pure fantasy. Other moments, those characters might be from real life people they use in the story.

Many factors are involved in those characters. How old they might be for an example. Male or female. Their weight, height or build might play an important part in the way the story is told. What will be the role they play, a lover, a detective, a cheating husband, or any other role ideas that might come to mind.

Another great idea is choosing the names of those characters very carefully. the last thing you want to do is have two characters with the same names and mix them up in some way during the writing of the story.

Suspense and the mysterious make great stories as well as high sales to readers. Also keeping the reader guessing as to who done it or in other words, who done the dirty deed keeps their interest growing up to the ending of the story.

Your characters should remain human. Unless they have super human strength or unknown mental powers, keep them real. another point to consider is what you write. Using repeated words over become a nuisance to the reader. always check your work as you move along writing the story. It saves you a little work when the editing process begins.

If you must use many characters in a story, be sure you have each and everyone fulfilling their roles completely until the end. Pick out a best-selling book and you will see what I mean.

No matter how great a book is once it is published, usually something can be made better in a revised edition in the future. Never forget those past stories you may have written. You never know what you might have missed that you can rework in a future edition.

Another trick that helps is to read what others write often. it keeps those creative juices flowing inside your mind. Sometimes watching a movie can trigger you to head over to the desk and write on that next story.

For more information on writing, visit my site here and browse some of my Books.


“To be a Success, you have to create Success!”

Writing Great Books

Before you start writing a new book in your market category, open Amazon.com on your computer. You’re looking for those top sellers in your category. Read the description of those books to find out what there are about. Look at the reviews or at least some of them under the books to learn what reviewers loved or hated about the books.
You can believe this or not, but you will learn a great deal of information researching this. You can not only find good ideas to write your next book about, but you can improve the odds on your book being successful once you click that publish button.
Why would you want to waste time doing this? The answer to that question is because it is far better to waste a little time researching what sells in your category than waste days that turn into months writing a new book that might not sell!
Another point here to consider. Be sure the title of your book hasn’t already been used by another Author online. Do a search for that title on Amazon to see if someone else has used it. The last thing you want to do is have your new book online with someone else using the same title.
I remember reading somewhere one day about two authors with the same book cover on different book topics but the point here is clear. Neither Author was happy knowing that the other one had a book with the same cover.
Your goal in Indie publishing is to write top quality books that sell. When you keep the customer happy, the outcome usually reflects upon a positive review for your efforts. Those good reviews will help sell more books.
To write effectively, you must have a clear mind and no distractions to bother you while you are in “the zone.” Sometimes it is hard to find that quality time to write because of life’s worries. Unless you are comfortable and in “the zone,” it is better to hold off on writing chapters for your book until those perfect moments come.
An important key to writing a good book is picking a subject area that interests you as the author. Can one write about nursing or world history if they’re favorites is romantic fiction or thriller categories?
An important way to get your creative energies going is to do a sheet of things that interest you and add sub-categories to them. It’s a great way to find a title for your book as well.
Once you have created the title of your new book, concentrate on each and every chapter going inside the front of the book. Write each chapter down on that list under your title in order so when you begin writing the actual book, you can be ready.
Another point you must consider is an outline sheet of the characters in your story if your book is a fiction novel. You need to do a sheet on each character in the story so you can use or include much of this information as the story unfolds.
Readers like to know whom each character is, their flaws, their positives and any other information they can find out as the story in the book moves on. Things you could include about characters are their physical traits, skills, social abilities, career levels, and family history.
It helps tremendously to have an outline of your story plot before you write the book. This will give you a guide as you write along on your story and you can follow through the process. Many new Indie authors have this sense of urgency to complete books only to fail miserably wanting to know what happen?
A good outline of your story should include what the story is about, what happens to the characters inside the story, where the story is located and how the story will end. It doesn’t have to be a long outline as just a couple of pages on the book story should be sufficient.
Another area often overlooked is being precise as you possibly can as you write the book. The more time you spend writing the book, the least mistakes you will make in grammar and spelling. This can save you tons of time on editing and reediting the book.
Sloppy mistakes while writing a book can be avoided by spending more time checking over the material you write while you are there in that moment writing. The difference between fiction and non-fiction books can be light night and day.
Fiction requires proofreading and a professional editor to be sure it is correct but sometimes you could find that it might be in your best interest to edit the book yourself. An editor might change the way some of the information is written in the story to what they think is right.
Books that have professional editing done to them can receive bad reviews or few sales because sometimes readers don’t realize that writing can be subjective. A sentence or sentences might be written in such an odd way because it was meant to be because it’s the language the people might use in that era. Information in the book might be presented in many different ways.
It might be a good idea to include a foreword chapter in your book explaining to potential readers as to why the language was written in a certain way. Maybe the book was written with a southern flair using the words ain’t, gimmie and so on. Sometimes, I believe many books get bad reviews on grammar because the author never presented a foreword in their book explaining to readers why they used this or did that to a chapter in the story.
Non-fiction books don’t have to go through an editing process as thoroughly as fiction. Usually, those books aren’t scrutinized like their counterparts. Just simple reading back through your work as you write corrects most errors as you continue along. Reading out loud to yourself will help you correct many mistakes you might miss otherwise.
The simple process of slowing down will help you produce more gain in the end. What purpose do you serve to yourself by hurrying through to complete a book only to spend months of turmoil trying to correct many mistakes?
Handing a mistake filled mess over to an excellent editor will cost you money. Unless you’re already making money publishing, this will place you in the red right away.
If just starting out in publishing, hiring an editor is a big gamble. Few new authors sell enough books to recover the monies spent editing in the beginning. Take the advice above if you’re new. Slow down, watch for mistakes, read out loud, double check your work and screen it through a grammar editing program such as whitesmoke or grammarly to get a great quality book out of the process.
The old rules in Indie publishing are changing. Someone use to could write a book fast, do a little editing, place a cheap book cover on it, promote it a little and make substantial sales.
It was the same with the free five-day kindle promotion. Someone could give their works away for free having thousands of free downloads and gain many sales after the book went back to its regular sale price.
Now you have to work hard advertising it to these free sites, spending many hours doing so just to receive less than a thousand free downloads.
Once you have your book edited correctly, either find someone who makes great book covers or design one yourself if you are qualified. It’s not that difficult to create your own professional cover for your book. Using a photo editor like Paint shop Pro will do the job nicely.
Design a couple of covers taking your time doing so and compare them side by side to see which one appeals to you the most. You want a book cover that stands out in the crowd that customers will notice. Quality helps sell books! You can always go back later in the game and change your book cover to another one.
Before you upload your book to the world, make sure you include links to your blog or website. Add links to other books you have already written and include links for that reader to follow you. You might want to add a link for the readers to contact you.
This is a way to advertise yourself and your books to other readers just through one book alone. The best thing about it is that it actually works. Place these links in the back of your book.
There are so many missed opportunities to sell your books in marketing. “To be a success, you have to create Success!”
You can find more great information in any of the great books I write here at my blog or going online at Amazon. I sincerely hope that everyone that sets their goals to be successful in publishing fulfill those dreams in the future.