What is a reader audience?

You can work yourself to death promoting and marketing your materials. You need to know who wants to read what you’re writing about!

Take one book you wrote and determine what group would like it. Would it be the younger age group?  Whoa, that’s a tough group, those young reader! Is it a book about computers? You would be looking for the college-level readers or computer geeks. Is it about cowboys and Indians? You are looking for western novel lovers, probably an older group as well.

If the subject matter is for adults only, then you wouldn’t target the younger adults, at least under eighteen.

What gender would like the book more? If it were a book about a steamy romance with a married housewife and a hot young stud, then females would read it most likely. That’s the group you’re looking for.

Look at Amazon for similar books that may be like yours, and research where the readers might be for that particular book(s).

Make sure your book isn’t overpriced for the reader audience it is suggested for to start. One good way to find out whom your book might relate to is to ask others where they would place the e-book at on the market.

What does your book have to offer readers? You need to answer that question truthfully, and you might discover another group you should place your book in as well. If it were a book on business marketing, you would add it to marketing. If it is on sales, you would market it to marketing and sales.

What are your goals for the book? Are you going to make it into something bigger as say a series to target the book series to the younger audience? Maybe you want a series to target the science fiction  fans?

How many books will you write to that audience in that series? Will it be two, three or more? Define your goals ahead of time!

If you’re writing books for the younger audience, you need to be out there in the media world targeting these younger generation readers by adding them as followers to twitter and Facebook as well as other media outlets. The younger readers added to your following mean more eyes from those youngsters when you release a new book!

You could target the next book you write before you start it, to the younger audience. For example, write a story about a new kind of werewolf clan that was bred, and they are immune to silver bullets. A new kind of vampire that can only be killed by being out in the full moon when it comes monthly! The stranger it sounds, the more they seem to fall into it!

Those are bad examples but to the kids, they might make great reads so who really knows how they will respond?

Always look at reviews on your books or message posts on your blogs or websites. You can get great information from those resources on how someone liked your book and whether they would like to read more from you. Never ever take a bad review the wrong way! Learn from it and improve on the next project.

The last thing you should do is be patient, work diligently at finding your target audience and in time, the readers that are really interested will find you!

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